Child Safety

Child Safety & Security at KMP

Kings Meadow has a strict and clearly set safeguarding policy. CCTV cameras are in operation 24/7 to ensure the highest possible security for the children, parents and staff.

We ensure the safety and security of your child by the following means:

  • Secure external doors with internal walkie talkies linked to each room.
  • Strict entry procedures with all visitors required to sign in on arrival.
  • Staff are not permitted to use their mobile phones whilst they are at work and all are kept securely in staff lockers. 
  • We ask our parents and visitors to not use their mobiles as well.
  • All toys and equipment are checked regularly for safety.
  • All electrical equipment is tested annually.
  • Before opening, the nursery is checked every day by management for potential safety issues.
  • A fire risk assessment is completed annually.
  • A weekly fire drill is carried out. 
  • A risk assessment for all new and current activities is carried out by nursery staff.
  • All staff have a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check. This is currently the highest level of checking available.
  • If parents cannot drop off or pick up their children, they must inform us in advance of the person/people who will be picking up, including their own family members. This includes setting a password at first registration.
  • We have a statutory responsibility to record every child’s attendance and absence.
  • We have a strict no smoking policy both inside and outside the nursery.
  • We encourage parents / carers to protecting their children outside the nursery There are two excellent websites that provide practical advice on keeping your children safe if they are using the internet. These are:

Please speak to our manager Katherine to discuss any safeguarding issues.

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